Pawsitive Shelter Photography

Once a month, I volunteer with an organization that I absolutely adore: Pawsitive Shelter Photography. Our goal is to make a difference by helping increase shelter pets odds of getting adopted, through high quality photos. We dress them up, take their photo, then edit them to perfection! 

Check out some of these cute rescue pups I photographed and edited from the Orange County Animal Shelter:


Aerial Photography

Taking flight with a camera in hand, I had the incredible experience to shoot photos of Florida Hospital and its college, Adventist University of Health Sciences... from a helicopter! One of the only ways to capture these massive buildings is by air, and I was so excited to be able to capture it. Many aerial photographers fly and shoot alone, fortunately for me this wasn't the case. We had the help of an additional photographer and professional pilot.

Being relatively new to photography, this was a learning curve, but I was eager to learn more and do as much research as possible before heading out. I consulted my friend Chelsea Perez, who works as a professional photographer.  These were a few key takeaways:

  1. Careful of camera shake! Being in a shaky aircraft, all the vibrations can make blurry photos. The way you hold it and a tripod will not really help, the key is a fast shutter speed. 
  2. Shoot in manual. Always shoot in manual. With the bright sun of these outdoor shots in the morning, an ISO of 100 will be perfect. For the shutter speed, any shot below 1/250s will be blurry. With a wide aperture, around 1/2000s works well. 
  3. Avoid zooming too much! You can always crop it afterward in post-processing. 

Most importantly, I've learned practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to aerial photography. Can't wait for my next photoshoot in the sky! 

Me preparing for takeoff

Me preparing for takeoff